My name is Lana Borgholthaus, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Unstuck and Unstoppable: Simple 5-Minute Hacks to Break Free From Fear, Stress, or Hopelessness and Step Into a Purpose-Filled Life.

My mission is to help you understand the nonphysical “anatomy and physiology” of your soul so you can identify “ailments” that are preventing you from achieving your desired goals, whether it’s to improve a relationship with others, get out of debt, or live a life of physical and mental wellness!

Mindset is only part of the equation. “Soulset” is what’s needed to achieve real results. You’ll learn about feelings and how to stretch and grow as you connect with your soul’s “skin.” You’ll explore the reasons why your soul’s “feet” get stuck in life. You’ll understand why the soul’s “hands” always seem to be “full” and why you “can’t take anymore.” You’ll learn about the “heart” of the soul and how to love and forgive not just others, but yourself. You’ll find ways to help improve your soul’s vision and hearing. As you listen to the words you speak, you’ll learn to identify where your soul is ill so that you can seek immediate “treatments.” And finally, you’ll discover the unlimited potential of the “nervous system” of the soul, commonly known as “the mind.”