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After having my third child, I remember wishing that I had an extra pair of hands. I’d try to hold a baby in one arm. On the other side, I’d have a diaper bag and a toddler’s hand wrapped in mine.

Unfortunately, with my hands full, I wasn’t uncommon to find myself with one less child than I gave birth to.

I was especially grateful for two things: tennis shoes and my husbands set of hands.

In later years, I came to realize that I actually do have more than just two hands! They just weren’t the hands that I considered because I couldn’t see them physically. These hands our the soul’s hands.

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Our soul has nonphysical hands, just like our physical body has hands.

Our soul’s hands hold on to things such as grudges or past experiences. They can also hold on to hope and dreams!

Sometimes our “hands are tied.” Sometimes are “hands are full.”

We can “touch” the lives of others with these hands. Sometimes we “reach out” and “lend a helping hand.” Sometimes we even ask others for a hand of theirs. I hope you don’t mind “giving me a hand” in spreading this message.

When the soul’s hands are full of negativity, it makes it hard to be able to hold onto much else. Negativity is HEAVY and weighs your whole soul down. It takes up extra space so that there is no room to hold onto hope and dreams. They become occupied to the point that they can’t do anything else to help serve you.



I invite you to let go of anything in your life that seems to weigh you down. Write a list of ten things that seem to be weighing you down. Then each day, for the next ten days, find a way to let it go. If a person offended you in any way, consider forgiving them. If you feel overwhelmed with things that need to be done, consider delegating them.

When the soul’s hands are in a state of wellness, our physical hands follow. You’ll find that they’ll be engaged in things such as building and creating. You’ll be able to connect with others whether it’s through hand holding and hugging or serving them.

When you learn to let go of the things that weigh you down, you’ll have room to receive great things in your life! You’ll improve your “soulset” so you can experience success!

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I want to share with you another reason why we feel like we aren’t enough. Instead of it being a capacity issue (as discussed in the previous post), it’s a content issue.

Let’s go back to the bank scenario. If your bank is partially filled with “positive pennies” but the rest of it is stuffed with “I OWE YOU” notes that take away the value of the “positive pennies,” then you’ll also feel like you aren’t enough.

For example, what if you had $40 of “positive pennies” in your soul account, but the rest was filled with -$60 notes of “I OWE YOU” that took up the same amount of space?

Your bank would be filled to the maximum capacity. However, the value inside would be -$20.

This negative balance in our soul account is the other reason why we feel like we aren’t enough. We feel down because the sum total of the numbers inside our soul account are in the negative.

How do we deal with this depressed feeling of “not enough?”

We simply need to get rid of the “I OWE YOU” notes. We need to get rid of the negative values inside of us. But also, remember to fill it up with “positive pennies” so that you still feel like your “enough.”


1. One way to get rid of “I OWE YOU” notes is to exercise. When you exercise, you’ll typically breath harder and you push yourself more than when you’re at rest. You release sweat to cool down.

Punching a punching bag is a great way to get rid of tension that is built up inside of you. Lifting weights also helps tense up and then release while at the same time, strengthens your muscles.

2. Another great way to release negative “I OWE YOU’S” is to get a rock and label it with a negative thought that you’re feeling. Acknowledge that thought and feel its weight. Then toss it as you feel it no longer weighing upon you.

As you go to pick up the rock, think of positive things about yourself. If you struggle with this, then state things that you’re grateful for until you reach the rock.

You may repeat this process for additional emotions or stresses related to your feelings of hopelessness.

Cross out the initial thought on the rock and then relabel it again to represent another negative thought or feeling that you have in your mind. Feel its weight and then toss it. This helps you let go of things that bring you down.

3. Singing an uplifting song will also help you get rid of “I OWE YOU’S.” Singing a song can get emotions moving.

Try to mimic the song artist if possible. Try to sing with the same tone, volume, and fluctuations. This helps release deeper feelings while at the same time, empowering you with positive lyrics.

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How many times in your life have you felt like you’re not enough?

Why is this such a common feeling among so many individuals?

If you were to take a piggy bank and fill it up with money, the bank could only fill up to a certain point before it could no longer hold any more money in it. The larger the bank, the more money it can hold. The smaller the bank, the less money it can hold.

Let’s say you have a bank that can only hold $100 worth of pennies. If you only had $75 worth inside it, then you’d know that you still had room for $25 more. This is because your bank hadn’t reached its full capacity.

If it was only filled up with $75, then you’d feel like it was NOT enough. It wouldn’t feel like enough until it reached $100.

Our souls are similar to banks. Are souls have a nonphysical lining (that I call the soul’s skin) that creates a container-like effect. We continually make deposits and withdrawals from our “SOUL ACCOUNT” each and every moment of our life.

If we know that we have not reached our full capacity, then we feel like were “not enough.” We have a feeling of “empty” within us and we need to add value to that space if we want to feel like we’re enough. But how exactly do we do this?


When we don’t feel like we’re enough, we simply haven’t maxed out our capacity with the “positive pennies” in our soul’s account.

I use pennies in this example because they’re symbolic. Pennies are the smallest POSITIVE value in the American monetary system.

If you feel like you’re not enough then add “positive pennies” in your life. These “positive pennies” represent any small and simple act of positive value that can be added to your soul’s account. They don’t have to be big things.


One way to add “positive pennies” is to say positive things about yourself out loud to drown out any negative thoughts you  might have. Another way is to simply express gratitude to others. I personally love listening to uplifting music to add “positive pennies” to my soul’s account.

These are just three small ways to add value in your life. I invite you to fill up your day with “positive pennies” if you feel like you’re not enough today! Little things can add up! 

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The Secret to Getting the Soul’s Feet Moving Forward Again!


Do you find yourself waking up and not wanting to get out of bed? You know you should exercise but you resist?

Do you struggle getting out the door and going to work?

Have you felt like you can’t move forward in life even though your feet work just fine? Maybe, you’re literally stuck in the past and your feet don’t seem to budge?

I’m not talking about the feet you put shoes on. I’m talking about your soul’s feet–the nonphysical ones that we refer to so often but don’t even realize we have!

When your soul’s feet are fully functioning and well, you’ll find yourself succeeding in life because you can jump over barriers and walls that get in your way. You’ll find yourself leaving the past behind and moving forward in the present moment.


Have you felt stuck in the past because of a confrontation or disagreement with another individual?

When you have a confrontation or disagreement with another person or group of people, you likely hold back a lot. You know that if you don’t, it can cause even more damage to the situation. The problem is, you shouldn’t hold it in because it can also damage you! It’s a double edge sword.


When you hold in frustration or other stresses, your brain sends out a hormone called cortisol. As it circulates in the body, it causes all kinds of reactions such as suppression to your immune system, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, impaired metabolism, agitation, and more. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want these kinds of results.

So what do you do to help calm down the release of this stress hormone in the situation mentioned above?

I recommend you have an “Unfinished Soul Conversation” with that person or group of individuals. This is where you imagine speaking to that person or group of individuals that is related to the reason why you felt the strong negative emotions and talk it out.

It’s important to fully release all of the NEGATIVE emotions. Don’t hold anything back. Also, don’t do this where others can hear or see you. Besides the fact that they might think you’re crazy, it can also affect them in a negative way. Do this in a private setting!


How does this technique help you get unstuck and get those soul feet moving forward again?

Because your brain can’t tell the difference between real and imagined, it can believe you’re actually having the conversation and taking care of the situation then and there. Then the brain doesn’t feel like it has to release the stress chemicals to continue to protect you from the damaging emotions left inside.

Anther benefit to this process is you won’t have guilt lingering and causing more damage to yourself for saying something that shouldn’t have been said.

So, if you find yourself having trouble getting your soul feet unstuck then have that “Unfinished Soul Conversation.”

Release the chains of negative emotions that weigh down your soul’s feet, preventing you from moving forward and achieving REAL RESULTS in your journey of life!  –Lana Borgholthaus, PA-C

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The Soul’s Skin Layer


The Soul has a “nonphysical” skin layer. It’s the largest organ of the soul and encompasses all other organs and body parts of the soul. It serves to protect the soul. It’s what stretches when we stretch ourselves. It’s how we feel–especially emotions. It absorbs the environment that a soul experiences. It’s the layer that gets “touched” when someone “touches” our lives through actions or words. It’s what breaks when we have a “breakdown.” It’s what allows us to keep growing, even after we’ve reached our peak physical growth. It helps us maintain our form when we feel pressure in life.