The Secret to Getting the Soul’s Feet Moving Forward Again!


Do you find yourself waking up and not wanting to get out of bed? You know you should exercise but you resist?

Do you struggle getting out the door and going to work?

Have you felt like you can’t move forward in life even though your feet work just fine? Maybe, you’re literally stuck in the past and your feet don’t seem to budge?

I’m not talking about the feet you put shoes on. I’m talking about your soul’s feet–the nonphysical ones that we refer to so often but don’t even realize we have!

When your soul’s feet are fully functioning and well, you’ll find yourself succeeding in life because you can jump over barriers and walls that get in your way. You’ll find yourself leaving the past behind and moving forward in the present moment.


Have you felt stuck in the past because of a confrontation or disagreement with another individual?

When you have a confrontation or disagreement with another person or group of people, you likely hold back a lot. You know that if you don’t, it can cause even more damage to the situation. The problem is, you shouldn’t hold it in because it can also damage you! It’s a double edge sword.


When you hold in frustration or other stresses, your brain sends out a hormone called cortisol. As it circulates in the body, it causes all kinds of reactions such as suppression to your immune system, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, impaired metabolism, agitation, and more. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want these kinds of results.

So what do you do to help calm down the release of this stress hormone in the situation mentioned above?

I recommend you have an “Unfinished Soul Conversation” with that person or group of individuals. This is where you imagine speaking to that person or group of individuals that is related to the reason why you felt the strong negative emotions and talk it out.

It’s important to fully release all of the NEGATIVE emotions. Don’t hold anything back. Also, don’t do this where others can hear or see you. Besides the fact that they might think you’re crazy, it can also affect them in a negative way. Do this in a private setting!


How does this technique help you get unstuck and get those soul feet moving forward again?

Because your brain can’t tell the difference between real and imagined, it can believe you’re actually having the conversation and taking care of the situation then and there. Then the brain doesn’t feel like it has to release the stress chemicals to continue to protect you from the damaging emotions left inside.

Anther benefit to this process is you won’t have guilt lingering and causing more damage to yourself for saying something that shouldn’t have been said.

So, if you find yourself having trouble getting your soul feet unstuck then have that “Unfinished Soul Conversation.”

Release the chains of negative emotions that weigh down your soul’s feet, preventing you from moving forward and achieving REAL RESULTS in your journey of life!  –Lana Borgholthaus, PA-C

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