How many times in your life have you felt like you’re not enough?

Why is this such a common feeling among so many individuals?

If you were to take a piggy bank and fill it up with money, the bank could only fill up to a certain point before it could no longer hold any more money in it. The larger the bank, the more money it can hold. The smaller the bank, the less money it can hold.

Let’s say you have a bank that can only hold $100 worth of pennies. If you only had $75 worth inside it, then you’d know that you still had room for $25 more. This is because your bank hadn’t reached its full capacity.

If it was only filled up with $75, then you’d feel like it was NOT enough. It wouldn’t feel like enough until it reached $100.

Our souls are similar to banks. Are souls have a nonphysical lining (that I call the soul’s skin) that creates a container-like effect. We continually make deposits and withdrawals from our “SOUL ACCOUNT” each and every moment of our life.

If we know that we have not reached our full capacity, then we feel like were “not enough.” We have a feeling of “empty” within us and we need to add value to that space if we want to feel like we’re enough. But how exactly do we do this?


When we don’t feel like we’re enough, we simply haven’t maxed out our capacity with the “positive pennies” in our soul’s account.

I use pennies in this example because they’re symbolic. Pennies are the smallest POSITIVE value in the American monetary system.

If you feel like you’re not enough then add “positive pennies” in your life. These “positive pennies” represent any small and simple act of positive value that can be added to your soul’s account. They don’t have to be big things.


One way to add “positive pennies” is to say positive things about yourself out loud to drown out any negative thoughts you  might have. Another way is to simply express gratitude to others. I personally love listening to uplifting music to add “positive pennies” to my soul’s account.

These are just three small ways to add value in your life. I invite you to fill up your day with “positive pennies” if you feel like you’re not enough today! Little things can add up! 

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