I want to share with you another reason why we feel like we aren’t enough. Instead of it being a capacity issue (as discussed in the previous post), it’s a content issue.

Let’s go back to the bank scenario. If your bank is partially filled with “positive pennies” but the rest of it is stuffed with “I OWE YOU” notes that take away the value of the “positive pennies,” then you’ll also feel like you aren’t enough.

For example, what if you had $40 of “positive pennies” in your soul account, but the rest was filled with -$60 notes of “I OWE YOU” that took up the same amount of space?

Your bank would be filled to the maximum capacity. However, the value inside would be -$20.

This negative balance in our soul account is the other reason why we feel like we aren’t enough. We feel down because the sum total of the numbers inside our soul account are in the negative.

How do we deal with this depressed feeling of “not enough?”

We simply need to get rid of the “I OWE YOU” notes. We need to get rid of the negative values inside of us. But also, remember to fill it up with “positive pennies” so that you still feel like your “enough.”


1. One way to get rid of “I OWE YOU” notes is to exercise. When you exercise, you’ll typically breath harder and you push yourself more than when you’re at rest. You release sweat to cool down.

Punching a punching bag is a great way to get rid of tension that is built up inside of you. Lifting weights also helps tense up and then release while at the same time, strengthens your muscles.

2. Another great way to release negative “I OWE YOU’S” is to get a rock and label it with a negative thought that you’re feeling. Acknowledge that thought and feel its weight. Then toss it as you feel it no longer weighing upon you.

As you go to pick up the rock, think of positive things about yourself. If you struggle with this, then state things that you’re grateful for until you reach the rock.

You may repeat this process for additional emotions or stresses related to your feelings of hopelessness.

Cross out the initial thought on the rock and then relabel it again to represent another negative thought or feeling that you have in your mind. Feel its weight and then toss it. This helps you let go of things that bring you down.

3. Singing an uplifting song will also help you get rid of “I OWE YOU’S.” Singing a song can get emotions moving.

Try to mimic the song artist if possible. Try to sing with the same tone, volume, and fluctuations. This helps release deeper feelings while at the same time, empowering you with positive lyrics.

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